Sunday, August 17, 2008

About time for school to start

One more week before school starts up. Where did the summer go?? All my plans so few were carried out. I did make a few dolls. A bride doll for a niece and I taught a camp for girls to make dolls for their American Girl dolls. Both fun to do but that can't be all I do this summer.

I was walking with a crutch and now I am walking so that is an improvement.

Yesterday was doll class. We were all talking so fast as we had so much to say to those who really understand us. I loved the show and tell part when we share new dolls, new books and what is happening. I think only 2 of use even got any work done on a doll. Oh well so it goes.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Time to switch from Preschool teacher to doll maker

Every week on Thursday morning I get excited thinking I will be done teaching the kids today and can start on dolls again in the afternoon. Of course it doesnt work that way. I have errands to run or like today I am too tired to move. The kids were wild. For some reason yelling was considered the inside voice of the day.

I am home now. And I look around sure I pour, or clean a doll or sew a body. I can remember when I first started making dolls and I would do one at a time. Then I got to where all of my bisque pieces couldnt fit into one box. Now the shop is over flowing with my work and that of my students. No matter what I am in the mood for be it pour, clean, or paint I always have something that needs to be finished. That is all fine and good but I do have that bride doll to finish. So I guess I need to go check the kiln and see if her body parts came out of the soft fire ok. That is what we do after we pour them. Makes them so they can hold up to cleaning and not break. But if there are any air bubbles in the slip the arm or leg will explode in the kiln. Makes opening the kiln a surprise every time.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

And so I begin

After being asked over and over by friends why don't I have a blog, and having to admit to reading other's. I thought I would give it a try.

Mostly it will be about dolls. And the thoughts and emotions they bring up. Right now I am working on a bride doll to look like my Niece. She will be married in 2 months and I have her head painted but I just poured the body today. I will take photos as she goes together. Right now her head is in the kiln being fired.
I will start with a photo from my work room.